We’re a public talking shop on housing and homelessness. We’re open Wednesday – Saturday from 9-5 and you’ll find us at 36, Little Clarendon Street.

Walking through our doors you’ll find an interactive exhibition on housing and homelessness, a radical housing library and a public living room – full of games, toys, books, arts & crafts, sofas and other people for anyone to enjoy, for free.

We love biscuits but…

…we get donated an awful lot of them, cakes too. And whilst we love them, there are also a few other things we need. To help you out we’ve put together a typical list of regular donations that we need but if you’re nipping to the shop, it’s always worth dropping in first to check what we need. Toilet roll Hand soap and washing up liquid (we try to use Ecover or Sesi Refills

We’ve been open a week, what’s been going on?

We opened our doors to the public last Friday and we’ve had quite a week. Before we even opened, we’d managed to sneak in two events; Queer Caff is an afternoon social space for young LGBTQIA+ people who are worried about their housing or facing homelessness. Along with Topaz LGBTQIA+ youth group, Zayna Ratty and the Young Women’s Music Project we were shocked to learn that 1 in 4 homeless youth identify as non-heterosexual.

Would you like to volunteer at Open House?

We’re on the hunt for friendly, kind and reliable people to volunteer as hosts for Open House. As a host, your role is to look after our public living room and make everyone feel welcome and at home. We’re a public space that you don’t need to spend money to be in, a bizarrely simple concept that most people need a bit of help getting their heads around. As a host you’ll help people

How can you get involved in Open House?

Tell a friend about us – We are a tiny team with a big to-do list. Please pass on to anyone you think might benefit from Open House. In particular we hope to be a welcoming space to anyone who might be having a tough time at home. Run an event or activity – If you’ve got an idea that will start a conversation on housing and homelessness or encourage others to get involved,

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