1. Tell a friend about us – We are a tiny team with a big to-do list. Please pass on to anyone you think might benefit from Open House. In particular we hope to be a welcoming space to anyone who might be having a tough time at home.
  2. Run an event or activity – If you’ve got an idea that will start a conversation on housing and homelessness or encourage others to get involved, we’d love to hear it.
  3. Donate some stuff – There’s a whole list of what we’re after here.
  4. Become a volunteer – We need kind and enthusiastic people to help us run the shop and events on a daily basis. If you’d like to offer time on a semi-regular basis (a whole day or a few hours at a time) then please get in touch.
  5. Come and hang out – We are open to anyone and everyone, for as long as you like, for free. Come say hi.

Help us out financially – By the nature of what we’re doing, many people involved in Open House are the sort of people who give a lot of their time, skills and energy for free. We’re trying not for this to be the case and so are currently fundraising for a programming and travel fund to cover people’s time for organising events, running activities and to reimburse volunteers and guests travelling to and from the shop.