February 28, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Open House
36 Little Clarendon St

For as long as cities have existed and for as long as people have tried to control the urban realm, an alternative urban politics has shadowed progress, questioning and subverting systems of power. In his book ‘The Autonomous City’, Alex Vasudevan explores the history of squatting; as a necessity, as a cultural phenomenon and as a way of challenging and imagining alternatives to the city as it is presented to us.

Alex is joined by Dr Debra Benita Shaw, a Reader in Cultural Theory in the School of Arts & Digital Industries and co-director of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research and editor of the Radical Cultural Studies book series. Debra’s research focusses on technoscience, the city and posthuman bodies and the publication Posthuman Urbanism: Mapping Bodies in Contemporary City Space is forthcoming.

Alex & Debra will be joined by a representative from the Advisory Service for Squatters.